Esse Pi Ingegneria S.p.a.


We take care of everything related to the production activities and the environment: environmental analysis and iteration with competent environmental authorities (ARPA, province and region).


We develop and analyze all energy aspects with particular regard to energy efficiency.

Essepi Ingegneria was founded in 2004 through the willpower of Engineer Alberto Panero, an Energy expert, and of Engineer Giorgio Sampò, an Industrial Installer specialist.

Right from the start, Essepi Ingegneria stood out for its high quality service that yearly builds up technical know-how, which in turn, enhances project framework.

The dynamism and the unstoppable evolution of energetic market impose that competitive sectors should know how to constantly update themselves.


Ongoing investments in ambitious projects, equipments, arrangement and formation made Essepi Ingegneria the right partner to face challenges which requires seriousness and skills.

Essepi Ingegneria conveys vitality, pride and business all together, dealing matters at hand in a professional way. Whether it's technology or economic, without forgetting the complicated legislative panorama and dedication to the economic framework which is the foundation for this type of work.

Essepi Ingegneria operates all throughout Italy and is in process of expansion in Europe.