Environmental market

Energy Efficiency Credit

Energy Efficiency Credit (Titoli di Efficienza Energetica), also referred to as a White Certificate, is a tradable instrument which certifies that a certain amount of saved energy has been attained. It' s mechanism defines that distributing companies of gas or electricity with more than 50,000 final users, are set under an obligation to meet their pre-defined annual target for energy consumption.

Energy saving attainment, thanks to certain projects are certified through the emission of EEC's appropriate number issued by the Market Energy Management (GME in Italian). Saved energy is measured in "TOE" (tonne of oil equivalent), defined as the amount of energy released by burning 1 tonne of crude oil. One White certificate corresponds to one TOE.

Electricity and gas distributing companies can carry out their own obligations bringing about interventions which White certificates directly entitle final users, or, through acquiring (EEC) from trading markets organised by GME (Market Energy Management) .

The offers on Trading/ market certificates could be handed out by the so-called " voluntary subjects/people", who intervene on energy saving towards the end users and sell White certificates obtained by the compelled subjects.

Essepi Ingegneria is accredited by GME as the representative company in charge of the presentation for the emission of EEC. Our firm is a member of the Electrical Market Management with the participation of Energy Efficiency Credit (EEC).

Green Certificate

Green certificates constitute as a form of incentive from electric energy production of renewable energy sources. There are Green certificates which can be freely commercialised all over Europe, and certificates such as national traded schemes applicable in countries such as the UK, Italy, Belgium, Sweden etc.)

In Italy, we propose renewable energy sources to producers as a mean to acquire Green certificates.


Electric energy


Our group has got solar photovoltaic system on different areas, all of which reach an overall power of 1600kw.

To be environmentally friendly, our products are set for existing buildings such as Industrial areas. We are developing projects and carrying out solar panelling system installation in France and Switzerland so as to widen our / solar( photovoltaic farm).

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Wind Energy power

Our company is concluding the installation of 22 wind generators of small dimension in Sardenia. The installed overall power is equal to 1320kW.

We are currently developing projects to obtain the necessary authorization for a wind farm installation in the UK, one way of expanding our wind farm. The so called project will be in 2015-2016.

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Thermal Energy

Solar thermal

Solar thermal, the technology which takes advantage of the energy radiated from the sun to heat up heat-carrying fluid system is used for sanitary warm water production (such as for domestic use, sport hall, restaurant, hotels heating installations and etc.) or for non potable water which is used as a heating system for factories and industrial buildings.

The technologies used in solar thermal are divided into different types depending on the heating systems's reached temperature: at low temperature is up to 100°C, medium heat of up to 250°C and high temperature which is well over 250°C.

Essepi Ingegneria has developed a profound experience in this sector as far as Energy Audit is concerned. Thus, it is able to propose the best technological solution to its own customers.


The production of thermal energy such as electrical biomass is present in technologies (boilers, digesters, co-generators and heat recovery which extracts contained energy from vegetable substances (biomass) and transform them into heat or electrical energy mostly utilised for Industrial purposes.

Furthermore, Essepi Ingegneria has an advance experience in this sector as authorisation phases are concerned, and as it is for execution and conduction.

Energy Audit

Energy Audit is the inspection of energy analysis which aims to maximise and rationalise consumed electricity and heat. With a thorough analysis, all parameters determining energy consumption are well monitored.

Essepi Ingegneria avails of its highly qualified professionals/personnel who can guarantee a job well done.

Essepi Ingegneria's Energy audit consists of:

  • Detailed framework of the "ante-operam", analysing consumed electricity and heat through on-the-spot inspection and site survey, joined by the plant's in-charge technicians;
  • Energy indicator calculation which is aimed and matched with the market's based line;
  • Organic analysis of the energy consumption management, with the aim at optimising and rationalising energy efficiency costs, improve performance and efficiency of management method and maintenance;
  • Periodic presentation of preliminary datas and interims to the clients to share the audit's development;
  • Provision of a Business Plan based on specified technical solutions and respective investments.

Energy Service

Based on Energy audit, Essepi Ingegneria puts forth the best energy service solution for the clients.

Promoting energy efficiency and renewable energy, our energy service combines economical convenience and respect for the environment.


Essepi Ingegneria assesses the possibility to purchase renewable energy power plants with "due diligence" both on the Technical and Administrative points of view. technicians, Essepi Ingegneria's willing professional personnel are able to operate anywhere in Europe.

Purchased economic offers are drafted based on precise technical analysis as stated by the seller.