Corporate Structure

Essepi Ingegneria S.P.A is an Italian company with a business capital of € 1.000.000 i.v. Essepi Ingegneria S.P.A is subject to the Direction and Coordination of Gruppo Essepi Srl.

Gruppo Essepi Srl holds 70% of Essepi Ingegneria S.P.A's joint capital - Kaizen Eco Srl holds 30% of Essepi Ingegneria S.P.A's joint capital.

Management System / Governance Structure

The Administration together with its guiding principles governing the member's (stakeholders, investors and personnel) behavior, constitute the Company to achieve set goals until the end.

Essepi Ingegneria' s governing body pursues an objective for the Company's growth and of value creation for the members sake, taking up responsibilities with clarity, determination, and abiding to an ethic code which is environment friendly.



Alberto Panero

Chief Executive Officer, Technical Director in charge of Energy division

Mechanical Engineer, a graduate of Politecnico di Torino in 2000. Mr. Panero has worked as a Freelance gaining an important experience in the field of Energy conservation before co founding Essepi Ingegneria.

Giorgio Sampò

Administrator, Dealing with the Development, Construction and Management of plants

Mechanical Engineer, a graduate of Politecnico di Torino in 2000. Before being a part of Essepi Ingegneria where he is a co founder, Mr. Sampò used to be a key figure, in charge of the Technical Design of a Company which implements Industrial Installation System.

Angaramo Gabriele

Administrator, Dealing with the Development of new projects to obtain Energy Efficiency Credit

Mechanical Engineer , a graduate of Politecnico di Torino in 2001. Before joining Essepi Ingegneria, Mr. Angaramo managed a Technical Department in a Company specialising in Heating system Installation.